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K&WVR - Flying Scotsman Anniversary Festival May 2023


26/05/2023 Friday - A quick visit to the line for one of the running days whilst it was at the K&WVR. It was a glorious sunny morning as I arrived at Top Field to catch the 2nd round trip of the day, staying on the RHS to catch it in the sun. For the third running I swopped sides into the field but by then the sky had clouded over and then decided to head home. Due to the length of the train, 60103 had BR STD 2 - 78022 as a banker, because it could not run around at Oxenhope. A pity really as it was then dragged back to Keighley.
The Diesel service was class 20 - 20092 and BR std 4 75078 was added to this later in the day for a swop around. The adding of this at Haworth caused the services to run late by a few minutes,
All in all, the Flying Scotsman train was fully loaded and a nice sunny day at the start and an enjoyable day out - probably manic over the bank holiday weekend.

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2023


Finally, a late start of me mainline due to Holidays abroad.
28/01/2023 - LMS 46115 "Scots Guardsman returns through Wilpshire & Ramsgreave Station in the dark on the returning Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express
01/02/2023 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45699 "Galatea" on 5V42 from Carnforth to Southall for duties later in the week, passing Flag Lane at Farington Curve Junction south of Preston.
11/02/2023 - Two Royal Scot Class locomotives over Shap on the WCML within 20 minutes of each other - 46100 "Royal Scot on the "Lakelander" tour captured at Docker & Scout Green followed by 46115 "Scots Guardsman" also at Scout Green and then approaching the summit of the S & C at Ais Gill on the return.
16/02/2023 - LMS Black 5 - 44932 on 5Z64 - ECS movement from Hull to Carnforth after filming duties photographed at Hellifield and Settle Junction.
24/02/2023 - LNER A3 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman on 5Z64 running through Huncoat Station on the way to the East Lancs Railway from Edinburgh.
05/03/2023 - LNER A3 - 60103"Flying Scotsman" on view to the public at Heywood station on the East Lancs Railway
06/03/2023 - LMS Black 5 - 45407 "Lancashire Fusilier" running into Rishton Station on 5Z45 on its way to Carnforth and then to K&WVR
13/03/2013 - LMS Black 5 - 44932 heads south to Southall at Fowler Lane , north of Leyland on 5Z49 in horrible heavy rain.
13/03/2023 - LMS Black 5`s 44871 pilots 45407 with Jubilee 45690 "Leander" on the back running as 5Z56 running through Hellifield and Giggleswick stations in heavy rain back To Carnforth from K&WVR Spring Gala.
18/03/2023 - LMS 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on the Winter CME returning via the S & C at the start of the climb up Whalley Banks at Billington foot crossing.
25/03/2023 - LMS 46100 "Royal Scot" heads towards Carlisle via the S & C on the "Settle & Carlisle" excursion from London Euston at Barrow foot crossing
26/03/2023 - LMS 46115 "Scots Guardsman" running through Hellifield station on 5Z86 from York back to Carnforth.
26/03/2023 - LNER A3 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" running from the ELR via Carnforth to York captured at Hellifield and running through Gargrave station on 5Z44.
13/05/2023 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" coming off Whalley Arches at Billington crossing at the start of the run up Whalley Banks with a running of the "Cumbrian Mountain Express"
17/05/2023 - LMS 46100 "Royal Scot" at Wilpshire outgoing and returning from Carlisle to Crewe leaving Hellifield and approaching Langho Station on " The Fellsman" excursion.
20/05/2023 - LMS Black 5 - 45231 "Sherwood Forester" heading north of Preston at Brock with a running of the "Lakelander" to Carlisle and back via the coast at Arnside crossing the River Kent.

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ELR -"Flying Scotsman100th Anniversary" running days also 2999 "Lady of Legend"


Saturday - 11/03/2023 - The line officially reopens again after a period of maintenance of the track bed.
On the first day running were LNER A3 60103 "Flying Scotsman" and guest engine - GWR new build Saint class - 2999 "Lady of Legend" which were running hourly services from Bury to Rawtenstall and return.
A DMU service ran from Bury to Heywood.
I managed to fit in two runs of each by staying at Irwell Vale Station before having other commitments in the afternoon.
The snow from the previous days was still around in places and I got the best of the weather before rain set in in the afternoon.
Saturday 18/03/2023 - Decided to get the motor bike out this time and stopped off at Ewood Bridge before traveling onto Bury and then onto Summerseat Foot crossing. (Big Mistake - forced into dropping the bike to avoid and accident - no damage to bike then got nearly drowned in two heavy rain showers around Bury - weather fine at home.)
Same line up and time table as previous week with L & Y Pug 0-4-0 ST No.19 in disguise as 11243 on shunting demos in Casltecroft yard.

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K&WVR Spring Gala - 2023


A 4 day Spring Steam gala from Thursday 9/03/2023 to Sunday 12/03/2023 with a difference - a cold blast from the north brought a snow storm on the first day of the gala with more falls over night into Friday. Fridays timetable was rewritten but still 30 minutes delay to that time table but a beautiful day with blue skies and deep snow around.
A distinct LMS feel to this Gala with 3 LMS blacks 5`s and 2 LMS Jubilee`s plus some of their home fleet made up the rest of the Locomotives for this Gala.
Home fleet Black 5 - 45212 with 45407"Lancashire Fusilier and 44871
Home fleet Jubilee - 45596 "Bahamas" and 45690 "Leander"
BR STD 4MT - 75078
L & Y 0-6-0 Tender Engine -52044 (957)
LNWR Coal Tank 0-6-2 - 1054

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02/01/2023 - Fare-Wells for a while on the ELR


02/01/2023 - A Farewell to SR Pacific -34092 "City of Wells" with its last running day as it goes for into the workshops at the end of todays services for renewal of its 10 year Boiler Ticket which means a strip down of the boiler testing and rebuilding. Also the line is being closed to allow essential track replacements and repairs in several places until the Spring Steam Gala in March.
SR Pacific -34092 "City of Wells" had three runs along the line today and I caught the first run at Ewood Bridge and then onto Rawtenstall to catch its run around the carriages and departure for Heywood. I caught up with "Wells" arriving and departing at Heywood and I then carried on to Ramsbottom to catch its arrival and departure on its second run. Whilst leaving Ramsbottom it was quickly halted with a problem with a carriage door handle, which gave me time to head again to get to Ewood Bridge again for the near end of this run. By this time it was time for me to head for home and the light was fading and most of its final run would have been in near darkness. Also running on the 2nd path was a 2 set DMU - both services very well attended !

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2022


22/01/2022 - 45699 "Galatea" in disguise as 45627/45562 Sierra Leone/Alberta heading to Carlisle on the "Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express" from Manchester leaving Whalley behind at Barrow foot crossing and Selside Shaw
29/01/2022 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" & SR Battle of Britain class 34067 "Tangmere" on the "Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express" from London Euston seen at Shap, Ais Gill & Hellifield Green
24/02/2022 - SR Battle of Britain class 34067 "Tangmere" arrives on the goods loop at Hellifield and approaching Langho Station on "The Northern Belle" returning from Carlisle for Leeds via Preston, Manchester Vic .
26/02/2022 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45699 "Galatea" on a late running Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express crossing Whalley Arches on its return journey.
04/03/2022 - LMS Royal Scot Class - 46100 "Royal Scot" with support coach passing Farington Curve Junction at Bee Lane Bridge on 5Z46 from ELR to K&WVR via Carnforth / Little North Western / Hellifield / Keighley.
06/03/2022 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45699 "Galatea" in other guises heads south at German Lane on "The Peaks Express" from Preston to Derby and return.
11/03/2022 - 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" makes its way to Hellifield on 5Z34 -Tyseley Steam Trust to Hellifield Goods Loops seen here leaving Whalley at the foot crossing behind "The Eagle at Barrow"
12/03/2022 - LMS Stanier Pacific - 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" heading for the Border City via the S & C passing Langcliffe
09/04/2022 - 2 x SR class Pacifics over Shap within 15 minutes of each other - 34046 "Braunton" on the "The Lakelander" Tour & 35018 "British India lines" on the "Settle & Carlisle" tour. Both captured at Scout Green heading north to Carlisle and 34046 returning at Billington.
26/04/2022 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45596 "Bahamas" on 5Z38 from K & WVR to Carnforth passing through Hellifield.
27/04/2022 - Doubled headed LMS Stanier Jubilees - 45596 "Bahamas" & 45690 "Leander" on the "Great Britain XIV" heading south at German Lane from Grange over Sands to Chester.
07/06/2022 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" at Hellifield and passing Settle Junction on "The Dalesman" to Carlisle
14/06/2022 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" on The Dalesman to Carlisle from Lancaster via the S & C, captured leaving Whalley at the back of the new housing estate at Barrow & returning at Vicarage Lane Wilpshire
15/06/2022 - Saphos Trains - SR Pacific 34046 "Braunton" on the "Fellsman" from Crewe to Carlisle via S & C captured at Billington foot crossing and heading for Hellifield at Newsholme
16/06/2022 - LMS Royal Scot Class - 46100 "Royal Scot" on 579Y from Crewe to Hellifield for "The Capitals express to Edinburgh" at Whalley and arriving at Hellifield down goods loop.
16/06/2022 - LMS Royal Scot Class - 46100 "Royal Scot" on "The Capitals express to Edinburgh" at Langcliffe on the S & C
07/07/2022 - In the fading light, LMS Royal Scot class 46115 "Scots Guardsman" arriving at Hellifield with a returning Scarborough Spa Express and also about to pass under the A65 leaving Hellifield for Carnforth.
10/07/2022 - LMS Jubilee class - 45690 "Leander" waiting at Hellifield to drag "The Waverley" to Carlisle and at Helwith Bridge.
14/07/2022 - 35018 "British India Line" now fixed and captured at Hellifield and approaching Long Preston on The Dalesman from York to Carlisle
30/07/2022 - SR Pacific - 34067 "Tangmere" on the "S & C Steam Special - Northern Belle" running slowly approaching Whalley Station.
02/08/2022 - The returning "Pendle Dalesman" with SR Merchant Navy Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" passing the Old Wilpshire Station platform at Station Close heading back to Lancaster.
11/08/2022 - LMS Royal Scot class 46115 "Scots Guardsman" at Hellifield and Selside Shaw with "The Dalesman" from York to Carlisle.
17/08/2022 - SR Battle of Britain class 34072 "Tangmere" at Settle Junction, Hellifield and leaving Hellifield on the returning Northern Belle from Lincoln to Carlisle & return.
23/08/2022 - LMS Royal Scot Class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" coasting down hill through Langho Station heading towards Hellifield and onto Carlisle with the Pendle Dalesman & returning at Wilpshire Station.
24/08/2022 - 46100 "Royal Scot" at Billington foot crossing on the start of the haul up Whalley Banks with the returning "Fellsman" from Carlisle to Crewe via S & C Railway.
27/08/2022 - 35018 "British India Line"on the returnimg "Cumbrian Mountain Express" from Carlisle to Crewe via the S & C crossing Whalley Arches.
02/10/2022 - A late running "Lune Rivers Trust" from Carnforth to York with LMS Royal Scot Class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" arriving, watering and leaving Hellifield behind.
06/10/2022 - Nearly dark as SR Merchant Navy class pacific - 35018 "British India Line" returning from Carlisle on "The Dalesman" approaches Helwith Bridge and crossing the River Ribble.
15/10/2022 - SR Merchant Navy class Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" gets a helpful push from the back on the climb up Whalley Banks approaching Langho station in the rain on a Cumbrian Mountain Express
09/12/2022 - Stanier LMS Royal Scot class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on 5Z15 from Carnforth to York approaching Skipton near Niffany
21/12/2022 - LNER 4-6-0 B1 Class- 61306 "Mayflower" passing German Lane on the WCML heading north and passing Rishton Golf Club with "The Pennine Moors Christmas Cracker"

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ELR Autumn - L & Y Themed Steam Gala


14/10/2022 to 16/10/2022 - A three day Steam event for the ELR Autumn Steam Gala and being 100 years since the merger of the L & Y and the LNWR - a L & Y steam Gala was order of the weekend. A great line up of L & Y & LNWR engines assembled for the Steam Gala -
Guest Engine LNWR Coal Tank 0-6-2 - 1054 from the K & W V Railway
Guest Engine Class 25 - L & Y 0-6-0 Tender Engine -52044 (957) also from K & W V Railway.
L & Y Class 27 0-6-0 Tender Engine 52322 (1300)
L & Y Class 23 0-6-0 ST steam locomotive 51456 (752)
L & Y Pug 0-4-0 ST No.19 in disguise as 51241
also running on various days SR Pacific 34092 "City of Wells" on its last Gala before 10 year ticket runs out.
BR Std Tank - 2-6-4-T - 80097
GWR 0-6-2-Tank - 5643
& 0-4-0 Sentinel "Ann" shunting in Castlecroft Yard.
L & Y 0-4-0 "Pug" 51208 from K & W V R (not in running condition) on display at Bury Station.
(With 60009 "Union of South Africa to view in the transport Museum)
So what to say about this Gala - No big named famous engines imported for this Gala but it didn`t need them !! This line up of Steam Locomotives was as good as I have seen at any Gala since "Steel Steam & Stars" at Llangollen years ago.
Lots of effort went into this Gala by lots of staff with photo shoots at Castlecroft and Buckly Wells and even extending the viewing area at Ramsbottom Sidings for the "Pug" shunting. - would like to see this happening more often.
The weather was reasonable with a few showers during the three days and the sun did shine on quite a few occasions. The time table seemed a little slack at times that being mainly due to myself arriving at locations with plenty of time to spare but it mainly ran to time which was another plus for the gala.
I must rate this as one of the best I have been too. Good Un ELR !!!

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Ribble Steam Railway Autumn Steam Gala 2022


01/10/2022 - A visit to the Ribble Steam Railway situated at the far end of Preston Docks for their annual Autumn steam Gala.
5 engines in steam with guest engine from the ELR - L & Y 0-4-0 "Pug" N0. 19
Furness Railway - 0-4-0 FR no.20 Tender Engine
Bagnall 2680 - 0-6-0- Saddle Tank "Courageous"
Hawthorn Leslie 3931/1938 'Linda' (No.21)
Grant Richie 0-4-0 - 272/1894
Arriving in time to catch the 11.00 service and then onto Riversway Station having a look around the Museum and a trip along the line on the 12.00 service and back photographing along the line again.
A very enjoyable day out and a large turn around of locos in the Museum also - gone the Ivatt and the prototype Deltic being replaced by other new exhibits - Also no sign of any Diesel shunters either.

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ELR - LYR / LNWR Merger Centenary Weekend


18/06/2022 - The East Lancs Railway celebrating the 100th anniversary of the merger of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway and the LNWR. with at least three 100+ year old locomotives in steam, including the newly restored Pug-19. Engines restored -
LNWR Coal Tank – 1054
L&Y 0-4-0 Pug – 19
L&Y Saddletank – 752/51456
L&Y Class 27 – 52322 (1300)
plus GWR Tank - 5643 replacing LMS Jinty which failed
A cloudy start with a trip along the line from Rawtenstall to Bury behind L&Y Class 27 – 52322 (1300) on the 10.10 service. I followed on from this into Castlecroft yard to watch the shunting display with "Pug 19" and the excellently restored trucks and wagons plus passing services and positioning movements from the station.
While I was there, I paid a quick visit into the Transport Museum to view 60009 "Union of South Africa" on static display - Note to myself- a much more lengthy stay needs to be arranged to view the excellent exhibits in there.
Back across to the station for Lunch and a beer in the Trackside Pub then onto the shuttle to Ramsbottom behind "Pug"19 with an excellent run with 3 coaches behind ensued. At this point, the timetable started to fall apart and the Pug was sent back to Bury due to a late running GWR tank 5643 at Ramsbottom. Now back at Bury my plan was to catch the double header back to Rawtenstall then go home but the coal tank 1054 was taken off and added to 5643 which was in trouble. So a return trip again behind 1300 on the 14.50 followed again.
It would not be the same on the ELR without timetable problems but it still was an excellent Gala and not one to be missed - a change from lineside pictures as well.

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ELR Spring Steam Gala - 2022


A three day steam event from Friday 25/02/2022 to Sunday 27/02/2022 with fairly decent weather for the time of year.
Two guest engines for this event -
LMS Royal Scot class4-6-0 - 46100 "Royal Scot"
GWR 1500 Pannier Tank class 0-6-0 - 1501 from the Severn Valley Railway
with 0-4-0 Sentinel "Ann" making its mainline appearance on Saturday at the head of a shuttle service plus
SR BoB class pacific 34092 "City of Wells"
L & Y 0-6-0 Saddle Tank - 752
L & Y Class 27 0-6-0 - 52322 &
MSC No.32 0-6-0T "Gothenberg" in TtT guise
Friday was spent at Irwell Vale and on to Summerseat foot crossing before heading to Ramsbottom and heading home via Ewood Bridge.
Saturday started at Summerseat again to catch a service as a was running late and then onto Burrs Country Park for the rest of the day stopping at Ewood Bridge again on the way home.
Sunday was a late start after lunch with a motor cycle ride to Irewell vale and onto Brook Bottom Tunnel for a change at Summerseat before continuing my bike ride.
One of the ELR Steam Galas I will remember for a long time if only for the mainline appearance of Sentinel " Ann" blowing its whistle all along the line.
Well done for organising a great event.

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Flying Scotsman Railtour over S & C - 2021


18/12/2021 - An excursion from Liverpool to Carlisle (Diesel hauled to Hellifield) and hauled by LNER A3 60103 "Flying Scotsman" to Carlisle.
A very misty scene as I arrived at Hellifield just as Flying Scotsman arrived from Carnforth, tender first with support coach, capturing most of the movements around the station before the excursion diesel hauled part arrived.
I left at this point heading north bound into the Dales hoping for some atmospheric pictures. Low lying mist was the order of the journey with sunny spots around Long Preston and the sun broke through past Horton-in-Ribblesdale and I settled for a spot just before Selside looking over towards Pen-Y-Gent with mist still rising in the fields in the distance.
60103 arrived on time, leaving a trail of exhaust the length of the valley. I set off home 10 minute later and the exhaust was still lingering above the line for the next few miles until it merged into the mist back at Horton-in-Ribblesdale
One of the best days ever for me for Railway photography.

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Mainline Steam & Notable Workings - 2021


Finally its got to the latter end of Feburary and due to Covid 19 and lockdown, I finally got to see a locomotive in steam - even if was only having a steam / boiler test.
21/02/2021 - LMS Jubilee class 45596 "Bahamas" in the shed yard at Haworth having a boiler/steam test.
17/03/2021 - 09 Shunter 09024 in Ramsbottom sidings with a ballasting works train - captured whilst passing by on a motor bike ride.
09/04/2021 - LMS Stanier Black 5 - 45407 movement from the ELR Bury to Carnforth pictured approaching Flag Lane near Farington Curved Junction and Bilsborrow.
09/04/2021 - LMS Stanier Black 5 - 45212 movement (tender first) from the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway to Carnforth pictured at Wennington Station.
25/04/2021 - SR Pacific 34092 "City of Wells" returning from Rawtenstall at Irwell Vale on staff training on the ELR
10/05/2021 - HST 125 - 43046/ 43055 "Blue Pullman" on driver training returning to Crewe from Carlisle via S & C at Billington.
11/05/2021 - HST 125 - 43046/ 43055 "Blue Pullman" on driver training returning to Crewe from Carlisle via S & C on Whalley Arches.
11/05/2021 - LMS Stanier 4-6-0 Black 5 - 44871 on a light engine movement from Carnforth to York and onto the NYMR captured at Hellifield.
13/05/2021 - HST 125 - 43046/ 43055 "Blue Pullman" on driver training from Crewe to Carlisle via S & C at Langho Station and returning at Wilpshire and Ramsgreave station.
15/05/2021 - LNER A3 4-6-2 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" with support coach on a test run around Carnforth - Hellfield - Blackburn - Carnforth circuit on 5M50 at various locations.
18/05/2021 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India Lines" on "The Pendle Dalesman" at Whalley. Gisburn, Helwith Bridge & returning on Whalley Arches
20/05/2021 - LMS 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" at Hellifield and Selside with a running of the Dalesman from York to Carlisle.
22/05/2021 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India lines" at Settle Station, Hellifield and Hellifield Green on the returning "Cumbrian Mountain Express"
22/05/2021 - LNER 4-6-2 Peppercorn Class A1 60163 "Tornado" at Hellifield on the "Pennine Explorer" on a round tour from Leicester to Carlisle and on 5Z19 at Gargrave returning to York.
25/05/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - running as 45562 "Alberta" on "The Dalesman" running from Lancaster to Carlisle via the S & C at Billington foot crossing and returning at Barrow foot crossing
26/05/2021 - Rebuilt SR Pacific - 34046 "Braunton" on "The Fellsman" at Langho, Whalley Arches and Hellifield station running from Crewe to Carlisle via the S & C Railway and returning at Wilpshire.
27/05/2021 - Stanier Pacific - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" at Ais Gill and leaving Hellifield on 1Z76 - The Northern Belle: Settle & Carlisle Steam Special returning from Carlisle to Manchester.
29/05/2021 - Stanier Pacific - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" at Settle Station, Hellifield and Billington foot crossing n 1Z16 - The Northern Belle: Settle & Carlisle Steam Special returning from Carlisle to Manchester and onto York.
01/06/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" looking splendid, working hard up the S & C approaching Selside on a running of "The Dalesdale"
03/06/2021 - SR 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Class 35018 "British India Line" at Hellifield station and at Long Preston on "The Dalesman" from York to Carlisle.
08/06/2021 - SR 4-6-2 Merchant Navy Class 35018 "British India Line" on the Pendle Dalesman from Lancaster to Carlisle via the S & C captured at Billington foot crossing, Langcliffe and returning at Barrow foot crossing.
12/06/2021 - HST "Blue Pullman" passes the foot crossing at the back of "The Eagle at Barrow" with the "Settle & Carlisle Pullman" from Bristol to Carlisle & return.
17/06/2021 - LMS 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" returning at Hellifield with a running of the Dalesman from York to Carlisle and return.
22/06/2021 - LMS Stanier Royal Scot - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" on "The Dalesman" from Chester to Carlisle (Steam from Hellifield) at Hellifield and Langcliffe.
26/06/2021 - LMS Stanier Pacific - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth on "The Northern Belle -Settle & Carlisle steam Special" photographed leaving Whalley heading for Hellifield behind "the Eagle " at Barrow and on the climb of the S & C at Selside.
26/06/2021 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" returning with the Cumbrian Mountain Express at Barrow foot crossing
27/06/2021 - LNER A3 60103 "Flying Scotsman" crossing Denthead Viaduct and leaving Hellifield heading for Preston and then south diesel hauled on the returning "Flying Scotsman to Scotland" rail tour.
29/06/2021 - LMS Stanier Royal Scot class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" coasting across Whalley Arches and into the station with a running of "The Dalesman" from Lancaster to Carlisle via the Settle & Carlisle railway.
03/07/2021 - LMS Stanier Pacific - 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" runs across Ribblehead Viaduct and at Hellifield with a running of The Northern Belle: Settle & Carlisle Steam
07/07/2021 - Rebuilt SR Pacific - 34046 "Braunton" on "The Fellsman" at Barrow foot crossing heading for Hellifield and running from Crewe to Carlisle via the S & C Railway & returning at Billington foot crossing.
10/07/2021 - Rebuilt SR Pacific - 34046 "Braunton" on "The Lakelander" heading north at Flag Lane Farington Curved Junction , St.Heliers Av, Barton and Beck Foot
10/07/2021 - 60103 tucked inside Class 47 - 47746 heading from Carnforth to York with empty carriage stock leaving Clapham station behind on 5Z42
13/07/2021 - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" taking water at Hellifield in the Up Goods Loop waiting for "the Dalesman " to arrive and north of Selside.
14/07/2021 - 46100 "Royal Scot" on "The Fellsman" taken at Barrow, leaving Whalley behind and at Billington foot crossing on its return from Carlisle to Crewe
16/07/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45596 "Bahamas" waits to depart Hellifield after running around its support coach and also running into Langho station heading towards Blackburn and onto Southall.
17/07/2021 - LMS Stanier Royal Scot class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" coasting past Wilpshire & Ramsgreave station at Station Close on the Cumbrian Mountain Express heading for Hellifield & the S & C to Carlisle
20/07/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" at Wildhire and returning at Hellifield and Hellifield Green with a running of the Dalesman
20/07/2021 - Peppercorn design A1 - 60163 "Tornado" at Hellifield with the Viking Venturer returning to Scotland from York.
22/07/2021 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India Lines" at Hellifield and heading northbound on the Dalesman at Langcliffe
24/07/2021 - LNER A3 - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" leaving Gargrave and at Selside Shaw on the Settle & Carlisle Railway heading to Carlisle on a running of the Hadrian.
27/07/2021 - SR Pacific 35018 "British India Line" taken leaving Whalley behind at the back of "The Eagle at Barrow" heading for Hellifield and the S & C to Carlisle on a running of "The Pendle Dalesman"
30/07/2021 - LNER 4-6-2 Peppercorn Class A1 60163 "Tornado" running through Long Preston Station heading south on the "Northern Belle" as far as Hellifield and turning around with support coach before heading to Carnforth,
03/08/2021 - LMS 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" at Hellifield on a running of the Dalesman from Chester to Carlisle - steam only from Hellifield
04/08/2021 - LMS Stanier 46100 "Royal Scot" on the last Fellmans of the season from Crewe to Carlisle leaving Blackburn on Bastwell Viaduct and returning at Barrow foot crossing
08/08/2021 - LNER Peppercorn A1 - 60163 "Tornado" heads south on the S & C approaching Helwith Bridge on the Northern Belle
10/08/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - Galitea in 45627 "Sierra Leone" disguise with smokebox number and nameplate, on the Dalesman, heading towards Hellifield and the S & C at Billington foot crossing and returning on Houghton Banks.
15/08/2021 - SR Pacific - 35018 "British India line" at Helwith Bridge and near Gargrave on the returning "Waverley" back to York from Carlisle.
17/08/2021 - LMS 4-6-0 Royal Scot Class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman" rushes through Wilpshire & Ramsgreave station on the outward leg of the "Pendle Dalesman" from Lancaster to Carlisle via the S & C Railway.
28/08/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45690 "Leander" heads south with support coach on 5Z45 from Carnforth to Bishops Lydeard heading towards Leyland at Fowler Lane.
31/08/2021 - LMS Stanier Jubilee - 45699 "Galatea" in disguise crosses Whalley Viaduct and returning at Barrow foot crossing with a running off the "Pendle Dalesman from Lancaster to Carlisle via Hellifield and the S & C
05/09/2021 - SR Rebuilt Pacific - 35018 "British India Line" crosses Ribblehead Viaduct in the failing light on the returning Waverley from Carlisle to York.
16/09/2021 - LNER A1 Pacific - 60163 "Tornado" runs past Holroyd Junction approaching Todmorden with the returning "Jorvik Express" from York to Liverpool.
18/09/2021 - LMS Stanier Royal Scot class - 46115 "Scots Guardsman on the returning steam leg of "The Cumbrian Coast Express" from Carlisle to London Euston running into Ravenglass.
21/09/2021 - 35018 "British India Line" going over the top of the banks approaching Wilpshire and Ramsgreave Station on the outward bound Pendle Dalesman and returning crossing Whalley Arches in a sunset,
02/10/2021 - LNER Peppercorn A1 - 60163 "Tornado" on the returning "Northern Bell - S & C Steam Special" at Helwith Bridge & Hellifield.
07/10/2021 - LNER Peppercorn A1 - 60163 "Tornado" on "The Northern Belle: Settle & Carlisle Special" returning from Carlisle to Coventry at Ribblehead Station Hellifield and leaving Hellifield for Preston.
09/10/2021 - Rebuilt SR Merchant Navy Class - 35018 "British India Line" passing Barrow foot crossing on a returning "Cumbrian Mountain Express" in light rain heading for Blackburn and onto Preston.
13/10/2021 - LMS Stanier Black 5 - 45212 on a move from Carnforth to Keighley in Hellifield UP goods loop on 0Z62
16/10/2021 - LNER A1 - 60163 "Tornado" on "The Northern Belle: Settle & Carlisle Steam Express" returning to Preston at Billington foot crossing.
21/10/2021 - LNER 4-6-2 Peppercorn Class A1 60163 "Tornado" heads towards Hellifield and onto Carlisle at Barrow foot crossing.
10/11/2021 - SR Pacific BoB class 34067 "Tangmere" on a 2nd Loaded test run of around the Carnforth - Hellifield - Blacburn circuit on 5M50 with class 37 37518 tucked inside.
16/11/2021 - LMS Stanier Black 5 - 45407 "Lancashire Fusilier" coming from Carnforth at Hellifield on 5Z05 then heading first to York before heading onto the Wensleydale Railway to haul Santa specials.
10/12/2021 - Class 47 - 47804 & LMS Royal Scot class 46115 "Scots Guardsman" at Hellifield on 5Z19 - a ECS movement from Carnforth to York for the next days running from York to Edinburgh.
18/12/2021 - LNER A3 60103 "Flying Scotsman" to Carlisle.- see separate gallery
31/12/2021 - LMS 4F 0-6-0 43924 on its last day of running until overhauled sometime in the future - 12.30 service off Keighley

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ELR Autumn Steam Gala - 2021


A three day steam event on the East Lancashire Railway.
Friday started in full sunshine, at Irewell Vale slowly clouding over in the afternoon at Summereat foot crossing and then Ramsbottom Station stopping off at Ewood Bridge on the way home.
Saturday was cloudy and a few hours spent at Burrs Country Park.
Sundays visit was at Summerseat Mid afternoon and then onto Ramsbottom before returning home.
With the failure of 60009 "Union of South Africa" ( on display at Bury) a couple of guest engines where rushed in to supplement the Gala.
Guest engine running - GWR 4-6-0 - 7822 "Dinmore Manor"
LMS Ivatt 2-6-2 Tank - 41312
and also recently restored LMS 0-6-0 "Jinty" Tank - 47298 which unfortunately failed on Friday
SR Battle of Britain Class Pacific - 34092 "City of Wells
BR Std 2-6-4 Tank - 80097
GWR 0-6-2T - 5643
L & Y Railway 0-6-0ST - 752 (51456)
L & Y 0-6-0 - 52322
Sentinal "May" was also running around Bury station shunting wagons.
WoW ! What a Steam Gala - ELR turned this one around with the failure of 60009 into one of the best I have attended here.

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NYMR Autumn Steam Gala - 2021


25/09/2021 - Saturday - A return trip back to the NYMR Steam gala after a 5 year absence when Flying Scotsman was their guest Engine. (Thought it was shorter than that period of time). It started off with a cloudy start at Moorgates, just missing Tornado as I was driving down the road, but stayed catching the Std Tank returning from Pickering and The double header from Grosmont. With the single track and length of line, it gave me plenty of time to move to my next location at Water Arc as the sun came out, so I thought - missing the outward goods. I stayed here an hour or so catching the returning Tornado, plus the goods and 2999 outward to Pickering before moving on to Grosmont for a few hours and a walk around to the sheds and watch the Whitby shuttle arrive. Moving off later in the direction of home stopping at Levisham for the beer tent. and picture "No.8" on a goods.
Guest Engines running - LNER A1 4-6-2 - 60163 "Tornado"
GWR Saint Class 4-6-0 2999 "Lady of Legend"
LMS 8F 2-8-0 - 48305 from the GCR
Plus BR STd Tank - 80135
BR 2-10-0 - 92134
LMS Stanier Black 4 - 5428 "Eric Tracey"
LNER 0-6-0 - J27 - 65894
Class 20 Diesel - 20142 "Sir John Betjaman"
BR Std 4 -76079 & Repton were in the sheds not being used on the day
LNER Q6 - 0-8-0 63395 in shed yard - out of action - awaiting repairs
Lucie type IV Cockerill Vertical boiler locomotive.

Rather an interesting visit and quite a good gala !!

Epilogue - Its quite a run for me to get to this gala, so I like to take the scenic route via Bubberhouses - Ripon - Thirsk - Sutton Bank - Pickering and avoiding Harrogate & going around York. - I took a wrong turning onto the A1M and a 20mile round run to get back to right turn off. I get to Thirst to find Sutton bank is closed and to follow direction. This turned out to be all the way to York Bypass, another way off course diversion for me and added another 30 miles to the run and an extra 90 minutes travelling time overall resulting in missing some of the first runs along the line. Needless to say - I came home via York & Harrogate.
Part 2 - I met a classmate from school who I hadnt seen in over 50 years on Grosmont Station - Nice to meet you again Tony.

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K&WV Railway - Mixed Traffic Gala - 2021


12/09/2019 - Sunday - A cloudy dull but mild day and a few hours spent along the line. Time table seemed to be throne away due to breakdowns and late runnings, but still plenty of action with the traction left and running in a similar form to the original timetable.
Starting on Keighley Banks for an hour or so then moving on to Top field for another hour via Haworth sheds before returning home.
Engines running whilst I was there -
USA 2-8-0 S160 - 5820 "Big Jim"
BR Std 2 4-6-0 - 78022
LMS 4F 0-6-0 - 43924
L & Y 0-6-0 - 957 as the "Green Dragon" in the Railway Children novel.
LMS -Ivatt 2-6-0 - 41241 outside Haworth Sheds
Class 27 Diesel - 27001
Class 26 Diesel - 26007
Class 20 Diesel - 20031 outside Haworth Sheds
Still, the management kept the show running in fine form and an enjoyable few hours spent watching the action plus just got home in time on the bike before the rain started at home.

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Last Days of the North East Lancs Loop line


This collection contains mostly scanned pictures which my father - Geoffrey Robinson took back in the early 1960`s during the last days of steam on the old Rose Grove - Padiham - Gt Harwood - Blackburn loop line. Known as the North East Lancashire loop Line.
Pictures include Wake Week Holiday specials to the seaside and the demolishion of Great Harwood railway station and track removal, plus a few pictures from surrounding areas.

I have also colourised a few of these pictures and can be found at the front of this album, the B & W images can still be found further back in this album.

XXXX - Please do not copy any of this images without permission - most are copy written to the Author. XXXX

If anyone has any photographs of trains on the loop line they would like to donate to this collection (whatever condition) please e-mail them to me.
Full creditation will of course be given to the photographer who took them

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Middleton Railway - First & Last Chance Event. - 2021


04/09/2021 - I always enjoy visiting this little railway and its friendly staff and missed visiting for a couple of years due to covid and health issues.
This Gala weekend was held on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September 2021, and provided:
a first chance to see the newly-overhauled HL 3860 "No. 6", in service for the first time in 45+ years; and
a last chance to see NER 1310 before it retires from service.
With passenger services up to Park Halt and being a Gala, down the hardly used Balm road extension in the other direction plus freight train rides in the guards van where also operating along the line.
Other locos being used on Saturday - HC D1373 "MD&HB No. 45" - ( Mersey Docks and Harbour Board )
HC D631 "Carroll".
LNER Y1 Sentinal - 68153 in steam and light running in the sheds line.
An enjoyable afternoon visit and a reasonable ride there on the motor bike.

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60009 "Union of South Africa" + 60103 Flying Scotsman running weeks on the ELR 2021


30/05/2021 - A Week of LNER Gresley A4 Pacific - 4-6-2 - 60009 "Union of South Africa" running over May Bank holiday and on the midweek steam services with 3 runs per day and just between Bury and Rawtenstall on midweek runs in lovely weather.
31/05/2021 - Not all went as planned for me as a failed Diesel service threw the time table away on Bank Holiday Monday and 60009 was turned at Ramsbottom instead of going on to Rawtenstall and went back to Bury and after waiting at Ewood Bridge for over 90 minutes, i went home.
02/06/2021 -I made another journey to the Railway and also a ride between Rawtenstall & Bury on the midweek services on Wednesday
The usual late running to time tables was frustrating also on other days but was worth the wait. One late running caused by staff sickness on the locomotive footplate and needed a replacement crew.
04/06/2021 - I managed to call by Ramsbottom Station in time to catch the last run on Friday , whilst I was heading down south, which was on time
13/08/2021 - Finally I manage to get to the ELR again as 60009 has been running over the half term holidays and I managed to chase it around and catch it at various locations whilst doing a run of the line on 3 midweek services per day.
30/08/2021 - Both 60009 & 60103 were running on the same day, so a trip to Burrs County park was my destination. With 60103 facing south, and the vegatition growing quite large, I decided the best option was to use the drone and take pictures with that.
05/09/2021 - A quick visit to Irwell Vale to catch LNER A3 4-6-2- pacific - 60103 "Flying Scotsman" leaving Irwell Vale Halt behind on a non stop service from Rawtenstall to Bury

05/10/2021 - It was announced today that 60009 "Union of South Africa" was to be retired early due to the state of its boiler, and now will not be running at the ELR Steam Gala and other events --- It will be on static display at Bury Station on 15, 16, 17 Oct (Steam Gala), -

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Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway - Fathers Day 2021


20/06/2021 - I was at a loose end, so I thought of a short trip east along the A59 to the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway.
Two Austerity 0-6-0 Tanks in steam - "Beatrice" on the "Dales Diner" & "Welsh Fusilier" on the Vintage set. Both engines and stock turned out nicely and running on time.
Now its story time - For me to get to Embsay I used to travel east along the A59 around Skipton, turn right, and round under the A59 road to Embsay. Now you have to travel on to the roundabout where the A59/A65 separate and come back on yourself on the same road and turn left onto the Embsay road adding a mile or so extra to the journey. Now at this roundabout, its faster and easier to carry on along the A59 to Bolton Abbey Station instead to get to the railway at the other end, which I did.
I arrived at Bolton Abbey Station as "Beatrice" was running around the Dining train and was told I could not get on that service as it was diners only service. So I went for brew and a cake (very nice) until the vintage train arrived.
When it arrived I went to get a ticket to travel and was then told I could only get a ticket if I travelled from Embsay end only because of Covid 19 cleaning systems on the services. I had wasted over an hour by now and I had not time to travel by car to Embsay, get a ticket and do a round trip from there ... and if I stopped I would need a platform ticket, which was rubbing it in I thought. So I decided to leave. So I stopped off on the way to photograph the trains from the road, calling at Embsay for a few more pictures, then left for home. Another day of misfortune for me at the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway.

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The "First Hurrah" GCR - 2021


5/6 June 2021 - The first Steam Gala on the GCR this year after the loosening of Covid 19 restrictions
Only 4 engines of the home fleet in steam with a railcar and a diesel running a freight service each day.
Only 4 round trip services per day but with engine change at various stations along the line, done this way to help with social distancing on the trains and stations.
I was visiting family locally so could only spend a short time due to other commitments and therefore drove to Kinchley Lane. Expecting a long delay between services, I was presently surprised with the amount of movements whilst there.
Locomotives in steam -
GWR 4-6-0 - 6990 "Witherslack Hall"
LMS Ivatt 2-6-0 - 46521
BR Std 5 4-6-0 - 73156
LMS Stanier 2-8-0 8F - 48305
DMU Unit.
Peak Class 45 - D123 on Saturday on the freight
Class 25 Diesel - D5185 on Sunday on the freight
(Black 5 - 45305 was replaced after finding a birds nest in the cab - conservation in practise.)
Lovely weather on Saturday and Partly cloudy on Sunday with heavy showers in the afternoon. Lots of organising went into the event to make it happen with the Covid 19 restrictions but it was a very low key event - but I am glad that the Locomotives are back and well done the to management for being brave and putting it on !

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